1989 Scholarship by Swift

1989 Scholarship by Swift is a remembrance scholarship program made Swifties as one strong army who have crowned Taylor Switft’s ‘1989’ as your Album of the Year. This scholarship provide opportunity for Swifties to show love to their favorite artist and her best-selling album ever, ‘1989’. This scholarship is open to everyone just be devoted Swiftie with a deep appreciation for Taylor Swift’s iconic album ‘1989’ an your qualified to apply.


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What 1989 Scholarship by Swift is all about.

This Scholarship recognizes the unwavering love and support Swifties have for Taylor Swift, and we want to celebrate it by offering this unique scholarship opportunity. The ‘1989’ Album of the Year Scholarship is your chance to showcase your passion for Taylor Swift’s best-selling album, ‘1989,’ and win financial support for your education.

Program Overview

Brief overview of this Scholarship by Swift:

Eligibility RequirementsDetails
Level:Any education level.
Minimum Age:18 years and above.
Required GPA:None.
Eligibility Country:United States.
Gender:All genders.
Race/Ethnicity:No restrictions.
Scholarship Deadline:Aug 1, 2023.


Requirements for 1989 Scholarship by Swift

There are no specific qualifications for this scholarship you have to be a student at any education level, and have deep passion and appreciation for Taylor Swift’s iconic album ‘1989’

Benefits of this scholarship

This scholarship offers financial support to Swifties of all academic levels, and its value is truly priceless in the hearts of Taylor Swift fans.

This scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden of education for those who adore ‘1989.’ by offering its winner the sum of $1,989.

How to apply.

Interested and qualified candidates should visit their website: OR Click on the apply button on this page


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