Allen York Masonry Scholarship

Allen York Masonry Scholarship aim was to assist students, who like Allen, are committed to becoming a skilled tradesman. Named in honor of this Northridge High School graduate, and skilled tradesman, Mr. York was a mason in the Dayton area for over 40 years. He owned and operated Miami Valley Masonry and worked on several large projects in the region. He was an excellent mason and he was fair minded in his business practice. He was also extremely generous, had a quick wit and loved his work.

Allen York Masonry Scholarship

Allen York Masonry Scholarship overview

Simplify information about this scholarship.

Level:graduating High school junior or senior
Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:3.0.
Eligibility Country:United state,
Scholarship Deadline:Mar 8, 2024.

Requirements for Allen York Masonry Scholarship

Applicants must meet the following criteria s

● Be accepted to a program in the construction trades. Preference will be given to applicants starting a masonry program.
● Be a graduating high school senior, a current college student or a student returning to school. Preference will be given to student graduating, or who has graduated, from Northridge High School.
● Demonstrate good work ethic in school or in past jobs.
● Demonstrate financial need


5 Facts About Allen York Masonry Scholarship

  1. Origins: Established by Allen York’s siblings in honor of his masonry expertise.
  2. Legacy: Allen York was a mason in Dayton for over 40 years, leaving an enduring impact.
  3. Generosity: Allen was not only an excellent mason but also known for his generosity and quick wit.
  4. Fair Business: Acknowledged for fair business practices, Allen set a high standard in the field.
  5. Inspiration: Geared towards students committed to becoming skilled tradesmen, embodying Allen’s spirit.

How to apply

Interested and qualifield candidates should visit their website,

Website: https://daytonfoundation.academicworks.com/opportunities/8254

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