Davidson Fellows Scholarship Application Requirements

Are you a K–12 student who has produced a noteworthy work in philosophy, writing, music, or STEM? You might qualify for the Davidson Fellows Scholarship!


For any student under the age of eighteen in the United States, the Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship offers a $50,000 scholarship opportunity that could change their life.

Scholarships are given out in response to noteworthy work. This refers to any effort or achievement that is acknowledged by subject-matter experts as significant and having the potential to benefit society.

Usually, this takes the form of a project that the student(s) complete. Yeah, you heard me right! A group of two people may apply for the Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship.


You can apply for scholarships in various fields, such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, literature, music, and outside-the-box thinking.

About Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute is a nonprofit organization founded out of the worry that the most brilliant and talented youth in the United States are often ignored and underutilized.

The Davidson Institute’s goal is to identify, develop, and encourage young individuals who possess exceptional intelligence and to provide them the chance to further their skills and change the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Davidson Fellows Scholarship

For you to be eligible for the Davidson Fellows scholarship, you must:

  1. Be 18 or younger as of the time you are applying for the scholarship.
  2. Be a United States citizen who resides in the United States, or a Permanent residing in the United States, or be stationed overseas because of active U.S. military duty.
  3. Have completed a great piece of work in any of the submission categories.
  4. Two-person teams are eligible.
  5. Be able to prove that the work is your own creation.
  6. Be able to attend an in-person meeting, with at least a parent or guardian, or a virtual awards ceremony.

Requirements for Davidson Fellows Scholarship

The requirements vary depending on the category. Each applicant must send all of the attachments, two nominator forms, and the necessary components listed in their selected category.

In addition, applicants and their parents have to sign a pledge promising to attend the award ceremony in Washington, D.C. with their parent(s) if the candidate is named a Davidson Fellow.

This scholarship requires students to have accomplished considerable work in their subject, and applications must contain research reports, literary samples, music compositions, or instrumentalist recordings.

As a result, working toward the Davidson Fellowship not only gives you the opportunity to earn considerable monetary aid for college, but it also motivates you to develop a research project or portfolio to present to your college admissions counselors.


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