Digital Jewels Cares Scholarship for African Students

Digital Jewels Cares Scholarship for African Students. The Dj Cares Scholarship, hosted by Digital Jewels Africa, is all about paving the way for Africa’s progress in the knowledge economy. They’re super focused on high-quality training, e-learning, and helping folks find great careers. Through this scholarship, they want to be your guide to success in the digital word.


Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible groupMinimum AgeRequired GPAEligibility CountryGenderRace/Ethnicity
IT-related degreeNo limitNo minimumAny African countryAnyAny

Requirements for Digital Jewels Cares Scholarship for African Students:

The following criteria most be meet for you to qualify for this scholarship.

  • IT related course of study. Specifically, Computer Science (single or combined degree), Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • GPA of at least 3.75/5 each semester since university enrollment.
  • Must not be more than 23 years by Oct. of the application year
  • Must have spent at least 2yrs in university
  • Must have English language proficiency (oral & written).
  • Must produce two (2) credible references, 1 of which must be a reference from your current institution e.g H.O.D, Dean e.t.c 

Scholarship Worth:

This scholarship is worth over N200,000.00 to support your IT-related studies, if you were selected as the winner. In dollars, that’s around $470.

How to Apply for Digital Jewels Cares Scholarship for African Students:

Interested and qualified? visit www.digitaljewels.net to apply or click on apply button on this website.

  • Students who have successfully written their essay and are ready to upload will continue the application process by clicking the “Apply” button below to enable them fill in their data and upload essay. Note: file must be in pdf format.
  • Amount available & tenor is fixed. Only 1 person/family will benefit over a 5yr period.
  • Relations/wards of Digital Jewels staff or partner/associated companies are not eligible to apply.
  • Quarterly feedback to be sought from HOD.
  • Scholarship may be withdrawn where academic performance, attitude & value system fall below stipulated expectation after selection/award.
  • Applicants must NOT currently be a beneficiary of any other scholarship scheme.

5 Facts About Digital Jewels Cares Scholarship for African Students:

  1. It’s all about guiding Africa into the knowledge economy – exciting stuff abi!
  2. You can be any age and from any African country.
  3. No stressing over grades, just your stuff in Ict.
  4. N200,000.00 is up for grabs.
  5. If you land this scholarship, you might score a plum placement opportunity too – sweet deal!

So, if you’re into IT, from Africa, and ready to shine, this scholarship is your ticket to ride. Good luck!

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