Evolve small grant 2024/2025

Evolve small grant 24 is a great opportunity to scale your small business across Northern America and environment, This grant program was sponsored by Lenovo and AMD in partnership with Goodie Nation. If you a diverse small business founder in North America dreaming big? Lenovo’s Evolve Small initiative is here to help you thrive.


This scholarship combines cash, laptops, and invaluable support to supercharge your business journey. This free grants also give business owners the opportunity to connect 1:1 to advisors based on their individual needs, professional development sessions, and a platform to tell their stories and amplify their businesses. 

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What Evolve small grant is all about

Lenovo’s Evolve Small program is set to provide $10,000 grants along with valuable professional development opportunities to small businesses owned by minorities and women through its partnership with Goodie Nation. In addition to the monetary grant, each chosen business will also be presented with a Lenovo ThinkBook laptop. See former recipients.

Program Overview

Evolve small grant Key details.

Level:Small Business Founder
Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:Not specified.
Eligibility Country:North America (U.S. & Canada).
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:Annually.

Requirements for Evolve small grant 2024

Eligible businesses must meet the following criteria:

  1. The founder or majority owner must identify with one of the following groups: Black/African, Latinx, Women, Indigenous, Native-American, or other underrepresented communities.
  2. The business must either have a physical location as a fundamental part of its core business offering (e.g., Bed & Breakfast, restaurant, etc.) or manufacture a physical product.
  3. The company’s revenue over the past 12 months must fall within the range of $100,000 to $3,000,000.
  4. The business must be registered as an LLC, C Corporation, or S Corporation in the United States of America or Canada.
  5. Your company must one of the following types: scalable tech startup, tech-enabled small business, tech workforce program, or nonprofit
  6. Less Than $3M in revenue or funding.

Note This is NOT the application for Google for Startups‘ Black and Latino Founders Funds, or any of the AWS Impact Accelerators.


Benefits of this scholarship

Applicants for Evolve small grant stand a chance of getting financial support for their startups upto $10,000 plus Lenovo laptops for your business, and a support system that will help you scale your business to a greater height.

5 Facts about Evolve small grant 2024

  1. More than $1,000,000 already donated to minority-owned small businesses.
  2. Lenovo partners with AMD and Goodie Nation for this initiative.
  3. 30 diverse-led CPG brands and Brick-and-Mortar businesses will benefit. See those that have profited from this program.
  4. Beyond cash, recipients get Lenovo laptops and invaluable support.
  5. This scholarship can change your business trajectory – it’s innovation done right.

How to apply

Applicants are advised to continue to check from time to time for new application deadline. Visit Goodienation.org for more details.

Lenovo and AMD have joined forces with Goodie Nation to allocate $300,000 in non-dilutive financial capital to support 30 high-potential diverse-led Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands and Brick-and-Mortar small businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada via the Lenovo Evolve Small initiative.

Beyond the non-dilutive capital, beneficiaries of the initiative will be furnished with complimentary Lenovo laptops. Moreover, they will receive comprehensive support from Goodie Nation, encompassing accountability group sessions, facilitated introductions to corporate innovators and media, as well as group therapy. The support extends to personalized 1:1 connections with advisors tailored to their specific needs, professional development sessions, and a dedicated platform for sharing their stories and amplifying their businesses.

The integration of non-dilutive financial capital with social capital holds the promise of reshaping the trajectory of diverse small business entrepreneurship in the region. This exemplifies the essence of being Intentionally Good and signifies a model of innovation done right.

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