Galaxy of the stars grant

Galaxy of the stars grant is a organization of minority women entrepreneurs, who provides assistance to each other. If your a woman in business is your ticket to business success!


Is a free initiative offered by “Hidden Star,” a nonprofit organization. It serves as a thriving and inclusive community for minority and women business owners. This community provides a secure platform where individuals can seek and offer assistance, build connections, make friends, and mutually support one another in their entrepreneurial journeys. Galaxy of Stars offers valuable resources to its members, these resources include grants, free website creation and hosting services, as well as a free business directory where members can list their businesses to enhance their visibility and attract more customers.

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What Galaxy of the stars grant is all about.

Galaxy of the stars grant stands for mutual relationships of minority women in business who have come to together to form organization with the aim of helping one another in fostering their business success.

It was powered by Hidden Star, whos operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is dedicated to assisting women entrepreneurs across the nation. Its unique and innovative approach has garnered recognition, with some experts describing it as a “revolutionary concept” in the realm of minority business support, marking a significant advancement in the past half-century.

Furthermore, Hidden Star has received funding from various sources, including donors and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. These funds have been granted following thorough evaluation and assessment.

Program Overview

Key information about this scholarship

Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:None.
Eligibility Country:USA.
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:Not Specified.


Requirements for Galaxy of the stars grant

Applicants for this scholarship program must meet the following criteria

  • Member must come from any part of united state.
  • Must be a woman in business.
  • Willingness to render help to any member free of charge.

Benefits of this scholarship

Galaxy of the stars grant gives members the following benefits:

  • Free website building and hosting
  • Free Directory to list your business and get more sales
  • Help you build likeminded relationships
  • Listen and suggest solution to your business needs
  • Advertise members business on each others website
  • Helping minority and women entrepreneurs nationwide. with any available solutions.

5 Facts about this grant

  1. It’s open to entrepreneurs of all levels, ages, and backgrounds.
  2. No GPA requirements, you need to be women in business from minority bacjbackground!
  3. Joining is free, and are open throughout the year.
  4. They give your business the required exposure to make more sales.
  5. They provide free tools to help these businesses succeed.

How to apply

Interested applicants should follow the instructions according to their website:

  1. Download the free book, “The What to Do, Who to Ask, Where to Turn Guide for New Entrepreneurs”. There is a pre-start checklist on Page 5 and great guidance throughout. Click here to get your copy.
  2. Enter to win a Galaxy Grant. This is free money you can use for your company.
  3. Tap into the Wisdom of the Crowd on our Message Boards.  Get advice, give advice, and meet new friends who are facing the same issues you are. Our 300,000 members can help YOU!  Give it a try, it is easy and awesome.
  4. If you don’t already have a website and need one, check out our FREE website builder and hosting. No fees or payment ever.
  5. If you have a company, list your company in the Galaxy Directory. It is easy and quick and will help you get more sales and revenue. A huge side benefit, it will REALLY help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results so you can be seen by lots more potential buyers. Totally Free.
  6. Check out Galaxy University for solid articles, websites, videos, books, etc that should help you. Also check out our Resources section for sources you can trust. Our staff has checked out each of these.
  7. If you still need help, set up a free call with our experts. Fill out this form and our coordinators will set it up. Free.

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