Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award)

Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award) is a tuition assistance program designed to make quality education accessible. It’s for students with demonstrated need and is guaranteed for two years for full-time, for continuously enrolled students who maintain satisfactory academic progress.


The GGU Scholars Award is available for up to the total cost of undergraduate tuition for eligible students with demonstrated need. The award is guaranteed for two years for full-time, continuously enrolled students making satisfactory academic progress. Eligibility is determined using the information provided with your scholarship application and the 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This scholarship may not be combined with any other GGU tuition grants, scholarships, or specially priced programs. Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first-come basis.

Table of contents

  • What Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award) is all about.
  • Program Overview
  • Requirements for Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award)
  • Benefits of this scholarship
  • How to apply.


What Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award) is all about.

What Golden gate university scholarships is committed to addressing the educational needs of students in the 21st century by offering affordable and accessible higher education options in multiple languages to students around the world. Established in 1901, Golden Gate University is a respected nonprofit institution situated in the heart of San Francisco’s financial and high-tech district, close to the epicenter of innovation in Silicon Valley.

Building on Golden Gate’s three decades of expertise in providing high-quality, practical online education, GGU Worldwide offers a range of top-notch degree programs. These programs are delivered by experienced professionals, influencers, and thought leaders who bring real-world insights to the learning experience.

In alignment with the language access policies of the City of San Francisco and the State of California, GGU Worldwide has implemented an English Language Proficiency Admission Requirement that is exceptionally inclusive. It welcomes native English speakers, residents of countries where English is an official language, bilingual learners, and individuals who have studied in English language schools. Furthermore, GGU Worldwide believes that in the countries where it operates, education should be accessible in the local language, and it is delivered by a global faculty of experts.

Program Overview

Eligibility RequirementsDetails
Minimum Age18 and above.
Required GPANot specified.
Eligibility CountryOpen to all students.
GenderAll genders.
Race/EthnicityNo restrictions.
Scholarship DeadlineVaries.

Requirements for Golden gate university scholarships (GGU Scholars Award)

Application for this program must:

All students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen of the United States.
  • Have earned a high school diploma, GED or state certificate, or have completed homeschooling at the secondary level as defined by state law.
  • Be admitted (excluding Subject to Documentation status) and matriculated in a degree program at GGU; certificate programs and open enrollment status are ineligible.
  • Be enrolled in courses with at least half-time enrollment status at GGU per trimester (minimum 15-week period), with the following exception: Eligible undergraduate students may receive the Federal Pell Grant with less than half-time enrollment status; if repeating a course (that the student previously passed) in order to earn a better grade, the student’s first repeat attempt only may be included in the enrollment status calculation.
  • Be registered to earn a letter grade or credit in each course; Audit statuses are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) as required by the financial aid policy.
  • Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a federal grant overpayment.
  • Disclose to the Financial Aid Office if you plan to receive financial aid at another institution at the same time.
  • Please note: GGU is not authorized to offer online education to students who reside in these states: Alabama, Arkansas, D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Rhode Island or Wisconsin.

Benefits of this scholarship

Giives financial assistance to students, including:

  • Grants 
  • Loans
  • $3,000 per trimester for full-time enrollment
  • $1,500 per trimester for part-time enrollment

How to apply.

Applicants are advised to continue to check from time to time for new application deadline. Visit https://my.ggu.edu/admissions/undergraduate/costs-and-aid/financial-aid/ggu-scholars-award

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