HAAA Scholarship – Harvard University 2024 USA

Are you an Arab student dreaming’ of studying at Harvard in the USA? Well, the HAAA Scholarship might just make your dream come true. HAAA Scholarship – Harvard University 2024 USA goal is to raise $10 million to help students from the Arab world in economic need who are given admission to any of the Harvard Schools.


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What Boston HAAA Scholarship – Harvard University 2024 USA

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association was founded in 2001 to promote and strengthen the “Arab voice” at Harvard, to build a strong network among Harvard alumni with an interest in the Arab world and to provide unique fora for intelligent discussion on issues concerning the betterment of the Arab World.


Today, the Harvard Arab Alumni Association reaches over 4,000 alumni and friends and supports a number of charities, scholarship funds and initiatives throughout the Arab world, including Project Harvard Admissions to promote the admission of more Arab students at Harvard and the HAAA Scholarship Fund, the first and only alumni-led scholarship fund at Harvard. In 2010, on account of our efforts, the Harvard President recognized us as the best Harvard alumni association.

Program Overview

Eligibility RequirementsDetails
Minimum Age18 and above.
Required GPANot specified.
Eligibility CountryOpen to Arab students.
GenderAll genders welcome.
Race/EthnicityNo restrictions.
Scholarship DeadlineVaries.

Requirements for HAAA Scholarship – Harvard University 2024 USA

Applicants for Haaa scholarship must meet this criteria:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: The student must be a resident or national of an Arab country Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Comoros.
  • The student must have been accepted by Harvard University to a full-time degree program at any of Harvard University’s schools (e.g., College, Law School, Business School, Kennedy School)
  • The student must demonstrate a financial need, as determined by Harvard University’s general scholarship criteria
  • Preference will be given to students that have obtained a prior degree (e.g., high school or college) from an educational institution in an Arab country

Benefits of this scholarship

The HAAA Scholarship can help cover your expenses at Harvard University. The goal is to raise a whopping $10 million to support students in need from Arab countries.


5 Facts about Boston HAAA Scholarship

  1. The HAAA Scholarship aims to increase the number of Arab students at Harvard University.
  2. In 2013, less than 2% of Harvard’s students came from Arab nations, and they’re working to change that.
  3. The scholarship fund is part of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association’s efforts to support various charities and initiatives in the Arab world.
  4. It was recognized as the best Harvard Alumni Special Interest Group in 2010.
  5. The scholarship can be your golden ticket to Harvard – just meet the eligibility criteria and follow the application steps. Good luck.

How to apply

Applicants should follow this step to apply:

  1. Apply to any school of Harvard University and only AFTER being accepted to Harvard step two will follow
  2. The financial officer of your school submits your application to the Harvard Committee on General Scholarships who then decides who receives the award. You need not apply to the HAAA.

Visit websites: https://www.harvardarabalumni.org/

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