Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund

The Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund Scholarship supports individuals dedicated to advancing healthy food policies through legislative or regulatory efforts. It provides crucial backing for time-sensitive campaigns that focus on evidence-based policies promoting healthier food choices. This scholarship not only aids in driving policy change but also contributes to building a global network of advocates committed to healthier food environments. The areas this opportunity affect includes

  • Taxes on sweetened beverages and/or ultra-processed food
  • Front-of-package warning labeling (FOPL)
  • Restrictions on marketing of unhealthy food and beverages
  • Healthy food environments and food procurement and service policies in the public sector, including schools

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible to applyMinimum AgeRequired GPAEligibility CountryGenderRace/Ethnicity
Applicants based in high-income countries.
Applicants based in any of the Food Policy Program’s.
18 years and aboveNo GPA requirementGlobalAnyAny

Scholarship Time Range:

August 14, 2023 to September 4th, 2023.

Key Considerations to Guide your Application:

  • GHAI recognizes the benefits of working in a coalition or collaborative manner and therefore encourages joint applications from organizations with a common policy goal. At times, GHAI has been able to fund the work of coalitions of 2-4 organizations via 1 or more funded grantees in the same country/region.
  • GHAI also encourages novel/innovative approaches to address food policy priorities. If there is a novel/innovative element to your proposal, please be sure to describe this in your application.
  • When assessing concept notes, GHAI will consider the following criteria:
    • Quality of the proposal
    • Geography and population size
    • Timebound political opportunity
    • Strength of organization(s) (i.e., advocacy and institutional capacity)
    • Innovation of approach and/or policy
    • Number of organizations supporting the campaign (coalition work is highly encouraged, when relevant).

How to Apply Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund:

  • All applicants should fill out the concept note form on the online platform located HERE. Please ensure all fields are complete and submit no later than September 4, 2023, 5pm EST.
  • Please find a Word version of the Concept Note HERE so that you can draft your responses before submitting them to the online platform.
  • For general questions regarding the Advocacy Fund, including the application process, please contact healthyfoodpolicy@advocacyincubator.org

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