Joseph Joshua Searor Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)

Joseph Joshua Searor Memorial Scholarship is celebrated in remembrance of Joseph Joshua Searor, a dedicated nurse who left too soon at the age of 41 while bravely pursuing a master’s degree in nursing. In honor of his passion for education, this scholarship supports those sharing Joseph’s commitment to nursing. Adult learners and non-traditional students facing educational hurdles are particularly encouraged to apply, celebrating their resilience in the pursuit of knowledge.

Level: Graduates and undergraduates.
Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:Not specified.
Eligibility Country:Developing countries.
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:Feb 18, 2024.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Must Undergraduate, trade school, or graduate student
  • Interested in Nursing
  • non-traditional students and/or second-career students
  • Must have ambition, Drive, Passion
  • Write an essay of 400-600 words sharing your educational journey and how you got to this point. Feel free to share career switches, major switches, your story about returning to school, etc.  Additionally, tell us about the “aha” moment that made you know you wanted to be a nurse.

The scholarship covers $5,000 to ease the financial journey of passionate nursing students.

Plus exposure to renowned Nurses who have excel in their nursing career.


Facts to note about Joseph Joshua Searor Memorial Scholarship.

  1. Celebrates non-traditional students returning to school.
  2. Honors Joseph Joshua Searor’s legacy in nursing and education.
  3. Open to diverse applicants worldwide.
  4. Empowers students pursuing a master’s degree in nursing.
  5. Application deadline is your key to this opportunity—don’t miss it!

To secure your spot, showcase your dedication and resilience. Highlight your commitment to nursing and education, and share how you’ve overcome obstacles on your academic journey. Apply online at Bolg before the deadline, and make Joseph’s spirit proud!

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