lincoln choice awards 2024

lincoln choice awards 2024 is an annual event for the celebration of the best businesses and organizations in Lincoln area. You can nominate and vote for your favorites companies in over 120 categories,


Every year, the Lincoln Community’s Choice Awards pays tribute to over 360 businesses and organizations, and it’s all thanks to individuals like you from the community! The awards process kicks off with nominations from the public, and out of the top five nominees in each category, the voting phase determines the ultimate finalists and winners

The winners are unveiled through a printed winners edition online. So, you can gather your friends, family, and community and collectively strive to make this year’s program the most outstanding one yet!

lincoln choice awards overview

Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:None.
Eligibility Country: Lincoln Community USA
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:Annually.

lincoln choice awards 2024 Nomination

Members of the public have the opportunity to submit local businesses and organizations for potential recognition in each category, and they can do so once a day. Individuals who nominate their favorites in 25 or more categories will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card.


Following the nomination phase, the top five contenders in each category advance to the voting round. During this phase, users have the opportunity to cast their votes once daily for their preferred choices among the five, thus determining the eventual winners. For those who actively participate by voting in 25 or more categories, there’s an additional chance to win a $250 gift card.

At the end of the voting, winners will be announced revealing the businesses and organizations that have secured the most votes in each category. This marks the conclusion of the program.

Requirements for companies

This are the requirements for selecting of companies:

  • Company must have a positive on Lincoln Community
  • Must belong to any of the categories list, add a new category
  • Companies can only be nominated once in day per category
  • If you nominate in 25 or more categories, you will be eligible to win $250 gift card.
  • Companies basic information must be correct and accurate.

5 Facts About Cheer awards

  1. They are all about celebrating community excellence.
  2. Businesses and organizations can leverage this award to showcase their brand.
  3. Nominate and vote for your favorites companies to show appreciation.
  4. winners and finalists are determined through their votes.
  5. Nominations are currently closed.

How to nominate your favorites companies on lincoln choice awards 2024

Community members who want to nominate their favorites companies should:


Go to yourchoiceawards and nominate their favorites organizations by adhering to the rules stated bellow:

  • You should nominate a company once a day per category
  • Typing the company’s name on the appropriate section of the ballot
  • Click the company name and select it
  • Then complete the registration and click on nominate.
  • If you nominate in 25 or more categories, you will be eligible to win $250 gift card.

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