Livability Challenge by Temasek Foundation

Are you passionate about making cities in the tropics more liveable and sustainable? The Livability Challenge by Temasek Foundation is a global platform that hunts for and accelerates the launch of innovative solutions to urban challenges of the 21st century in cities in the tropics. The Challenge is Asia’s biggest prize for sustainability solutions and a key highlight in Singapore’s sustainability events calendar. In its seventh edition, this global platform, presented by Eco-Business and Temasek Foundation, seeks out bold innovators tackling two main themes: Climate Change and Food & Nutrition. If you’ve got groundbreaking solutions for carbon capture, renewable energy, or urban, circular food production systems, we want to hear from you! This scholarship is not just about dreaming big; it’s about turning those dreams into impactful reality.


Based in Singapore, Temasek Foundation International operates as a non-profit entity within the philanthropic branch of Temasek Holdings, the sovereign fund of the Singaporean government. Since its inception in 1974, Temasek has established 17 endowments, each with a distinct focus on fostering social and cultural interactions, advancing education, and providing aid to the disadvantaged across Asia. Financially supervised by Temasek Trust, the endowment trustee of Temasek Holdings, other foundations under its oversight include Temasek Foundation Cares, Temasek Foundation Connects, Temasek Foundation Nurtures, and Temasek Foundation.

Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:Not specified.
Eligibility Country:Open to all nationalities
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:February 9, 2024

The Climate Challenge seeks innovative solutions that:

  1. Efficiently Capture and Convert Carbon Emissions: Devise strategies to capture and transform carbon emissions into practical products like building materials, reclamation sand, or synthetic fuels.
  2. Generate Cost-Effective Renewable Energy: Explore ways to produce affordable energy from renewable sources such as hydrogen, wind, and tidal energy.
  3. Dramatically Reduce Carbon Emissions from Industries and Buildings: Invent technologies that significantly cut down the carbon footprint of industries and buildings, including innovative approaches to cooling systems.
  4. Mitigate the Negative Impact of Climate Change: Develop measures to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, such as addressing extreme heat and countering the urban heat island effect.
  5. Construct Climate-Resilient Communities: Build sustainable and replicable business models focused on creating climate-resilient communities, especially for at-risk groups. This could involve initiatives like mangrove restoration along coastal areas to combat sea-level rise.


For the Food & Nutrition Challenge, they are seeking solutions that:

  1. Achieve Carbon Negativity in the Overall Lifecycle: Strive to be carbon negative throughout the entire lifecycle while minimizing externalities.
  2. Utilize Technology or Nature-Based Approaches: Embrace either technology-based solutions, involving physical or chemical processes, or nature-based solutions, such as community models.
  3. Demonstrate Commercial Viability and Scalability: Present ideas that are not only commercially viable but also scalable, ensuring their potential impact extends widely.
  4. Conduct Pilots in Designated Regions: Execute pilots in Singapore, specifically for technology-based solutions, or within Southeast Asia, for nature-based solutions. This targeted approach aims to address regional nuances and challenges effectively.
  • The winner for climate change challenge will receive S$1 million in grant funding.
  • The winner for food & nutrition challenge will receive S$1 million in grant funding.
  1. It’s Asia’s biggest prize for sustainability solutions.
  2. Presented by Eco-Business and Temasek Foundation.
  3. Focused on driving urban transformation in the tropics.
  4. Welcomes disruptors in carbon capture, renewable energy, and circular food production.
  5. Your chance to turn your sustainability passion into reality!

Interested and qualified? Go to Temasek Foundation on www.theliveabilitychallenge.org to apply

For more details,visit Temasek Foundation website

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