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Meadow fund provides grants for education, environment, homelessness, and mental health to people in the the state of Texas, especially in the area of art and culture, Civic and public affair, Education, Environment, Health and human services. Their main aim is to improve the quality and circumstances of life for the people of Texas now and in the future. Meadows believed all Texans deserve the same gift they were afforded – the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.


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What Meadow fund program is all about.

Meadow fund was founded by Al and Virginia Meadows with the aim of improving the quality and circumstances of life for the people of Texas.

Algur Hurtle Meadows was born in Vidalia, Georgia, in 1899. Virginia Garrison Stuart was born in Ryan, Oklahoma, in 1902 and spent time with her family in Shreveport, Louisiana. After moving around the south, Al also settled in Shreveport, where they met. They married in 1922. Al worked for Standard Oil by day and studied law at night.


Program Overview

Meadow fund Overview

Minimum Age:18 and above.
Required GPA:None.
Eligibility Country:Usa, Texas.
Gender:All genders.
Scholarship Deadline:Every 12 months.

Requirements for Meadow fund

Meadow award grants only to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities or public entities serving the people of Texas. We do not lend or grant money to individual persons.

Proposals must benefit the state of Texas in order to be considered, although an organization’s headquarters are not required to be in Texas.

You must align with programs or projects they support

  • Programs or projects aligned with our giving priorities and:
    • Are well planned by organizations with the capacity to execute on them
    • Have secured or identified financial support from other sources
    • Contain quantitatively measurable outcomes with potential to scale impact
    • Would find Foundation support to be vital to its success

You can search our previous grants to get a sense of our typical grantmaking.


Unacceptable projects

  • Church or seminary construction
  • Fundraising event underwriting
  • Annual fundraising drives
  • Professional conferences and symposia unless directly related to our initiative areas
  • Out-of-state travel expenses for performances or competition
  • Single artistic events or performances

Please review our program areas and initiatives for more information about our funding areas. Our FAQs have more details about eligibility and the proposal process.

Types of Funding

  • Specific programs or projects account for almost 85% of our total giving
  • Although not a significant part of our funding, we will consider
  • Endowment and scholarship grants are rare

Benefits of this grant

Meadow fund varies, depending on the program and your needs. So, it can cover a chunk of your education expenses Environment, Health and human services. and even more. They also:

  • Support organizations throughout the state that provide opportunities for all Texans to experience and benefit from the arts.
  • Assist communities in developing leadership talent.
  • They provide access to equitable resources, and high expectations for all students improve life-long study skills and academic achievements.
  • They encourage the preservation of rich ecological and biological diversity for future generations.
  • Provides access to quality health care.
  • They support programs and agencies that thoughtfully weave compassion and respect into the support systems that improve the quality of life.

5 Facts About Meadow fund

  1. Meadow fund been operating for 75 years, and they not stopping anytime soon.
  2. They support people of Texas in bunch of areas, from artsy stuff to mental health – because they care about all aspects of life.
  3. Al and Virginia Meadows started this generosity since 1948.
  4. They have given out over $1.36 billion to Texas institutions – that’s a whole lot of support!
  5. They awards grants only to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities or public entities serving the people of Texas.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants can submit one proposal every 12 months. Our grant cycle takes four to five months from receiving your proposal to making a final decision. We encourage you to apply at least four months before you need funding.

Our board of directors meets five times a year – January, April, June, September, and November – to consider proposals. We will let you know if your request is approved or declined within two weeks of their decision.

Website: https://www.mfi.org/how-to-apply/

Details: https://www.mfi.org/what-we-fund/

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