Miss Africa Seed-Fund Award Impact Program( Win up to 5,000)

Miss.Africa Digital is excited to launch the 2023 Seed-Fund Award Impact Program designed for women in STEM fields. This program aims to provide support and grants for women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to initiate or expand their projects in areas like IoTs, Mobile Internet, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and leadership roles.


Aim and Benefits of Miss.Africa Digital Seed-Fund Award Impact Program:

What they offer.

  • DCA Academy Booth Camp Accelerator
    • 6 weeks of tailored support and training for scaling to enable them to successfully launch or expand their initiatives to increase their digital opportunities in tech-related inventions, training, and leadership roles.
  • Comprehensive Networking
    • Unlimited access to the FemPower Digital Portal comprising of former winners and alumni as well as other girls and women community members. They will facilitate meetups and symposiums, Capacity Building, support, and advisory and market linkages of their members and participants to network and exchange ideas.
  • Mentorship and coaching
    • Access to Expert Coaching and Mentorship from DCA Digital Academy experts to produce tangible enhancement in terms of career development and talent mobility.

Requirements for Miss.Africa Digital Seed-Fund Award Impact Program:

  • Computer science workshops and training for women and girls
  • Early incubation of female tech entrepreneurs
  • Programming and app development training programs
  • Hackathons and coding boot camps for girls.

Scholarship Time Range:

August 15 2023 to September 15 2023.

How to Apply for Miss.Africa Digital Seed-Fund Award Impact Program:

Visit their website for more details and how to apply.


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