Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF) 2024 Application proposal

The 2024 AI and Environmental Justice awards, sponsored by the Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF), aim to support open source technologists working on AI solutions to address pressing issues related to environmental degradation, climate change, indigenous justice, food justice, and energy justice. This scholarship seeks to explore the role of AI systems in finding solutions to these critical challenges and is particularly focused on the health, economic, and social impacts of climate change on marginalized communities in the global south.


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What Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF) is all about.

The Mozilla Technology Fund seeks to fund open source projects at the intersection of environmental justice and AI which are making a positive impact in ecosystems and human communities.

Generally, the Mozilla Technology Fund supports open source projects which already have some momentum: a working prototype, a community of contributors and a user base. Given the early stage of research in the AI + environmental justice space, for this round of funding, we are also willing to consider earlier-stage and more experimental projects, provided they will be built by a team with a past track record of success.

Program Overview

LevelMinimum AgeRequired GPAEligibility CountryGenderRace/EthnicityScholarship Deadline
AllNoneNoneGlobalAnyAnyOctober 5, 2023.

Requirements for Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)

To be eligible for consideration as a Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF), applicants must follow the this guideline:

  • Have a product or working prototype in hand (we will also consider projects at the idea stage if the project team can demonstrate a track record of success in launching and building community around similar projects in the past)
  • Already have a core team in place to support the development of the project (this team might include software developers working in close collaboration with ecologists, AI researchers, designers, product/project managers, and subject matter experts)
  • Embrace openness, transparency, and community stewardship as methodology
  • Make their work available under an open-source license

Also all applicants must;

Applicants must meet the following requirements

  • Be legally able to receive funds in the form of a grant from the Mozilla Foundation (a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization)
  • Be working towards solving a public interest problem or issue related to the focus of this Call for Proposals
  • Meet the criteria outlined in the ‘What are we looking for?’ section above

Benefits of this scholarship

Successful applicants will be rewarded with cash benefits from the stipulated amount of over $300,000. Providing financial support to selected projects.

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How to apply for Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)

Interested and qualified candidates should visit there website: https://mozilla.fluxx.io/apply/mtf2023 OR Click on the apply button on this page.


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