Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies at KROC institute for international peace studies

Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies at KROC institute for international peace studies at Kroc Institute’s. is a transformative journey that help students to emerge as exceptional scholars and educators, made to make significant contributions to peace-building.


Within the peace studies Ph.D. program, students are afforded the opportunity to select a complementary discipline for their research and coursework. These options include anthropology, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or theology. By seamlessly integrating the principles of peace studies with the foundations of these traditional humanities and social sciences, each student embarks on a distinctive and enriching academic adventure. Moreover, students gain access to a wealth of research prospects, both within the Institute and throughout the broader Notre Dame community.

Upon completion of their Ph.D. journey, graduates are not only well-prepared but also exceptionally equipped to pursue a diverse array of career paths. These paths include, but are not limited to:

  1. Interdisciplinary academic roles that transcend conventional boundaries.
  2. Positions demanding expertise in the peace and conflict subfields within anthropology, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or theology.
  3. Scholar-practitioner roles within intergovernmental, governmental, or non-governmental organizations, where their knowledge can be directly applied to foster positive change and advance peace on a global scale.

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What Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies at KROC institute for international peace studies is all about

Here what KROC institute stand for according there official website “Educational programs are the beating heart of the Kroc Institute. We equip scholar-practitioners at the undergraduate and graduate level to be leaders in peace and justice scholarship and practice all over the world”.

Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies

The Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies advances your knowledge about the nature and causes of violence, oppression, and inequality, and builds your capacity to transform conflict. You will gain skills and knowledge that contribute to the creation of just societies and relationships at all levels, from the local to the global.

The program offers students from any Notre Dame college or department the opportunity to pursue either a supplementary major or an interdisciplinary minor in peace studies.


Program Overview

Key information about this program:

Minimum Age:18 years and above.
Required GPA:Not specified.
Eligibility Country:USA.
Gender:All genders.
Race/Ethnicity:No restrictions.
Scholarship Deadline:December 15, 2023.

Requirements for Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies at KROC institute for international peace studies

Applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, domestic or international, to be eligible for admission to a graduate program at the University of Notre Dame. It is also anticipated that applicants will have formal training and/or a degree in the joint area to which they are applying. Previous graduate work is not required except in the case of Peace Studies and Theology for which a master’s degree in theology is required. Prospective students interested in a master’s degree in peace studies should explore the Master of Global Affairs in International Peace Studies program.

Benefits of this scholarship

The Ph.D. program at the Kroc Institute equips students who are fully trained, professionalized, and marketable in one of six traditional disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and the multidisciplinary field of peace studies.

The program empowers students to become outstanding scholars and teachers who will make important contributions to a growing body of peace-building knowledge and practice with the goal of addressing violence and alleviating human suffering.

Required Materials

The Graduate School Application for Admission requires the applicant to provide the following materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Statement of intent;
  • Writing sample;
  • Names and contact information for three recommenders;
  • Unofficial transcripts from prior institutions or in-progress degrees;
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score – required for Sociology and Theology only;
  • TOEFLT or IELTS score for international applicants only (students from Anglophone countries or who hold a University degree from an English-speaking institution are exempt from this requirement).

How to apply.

Interested and qualified candidates should visit there website: https://gradconnect.nd.edu/apply/ OR Click on the apply button on this page

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