Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship is a great scholarship program initiated by Rebecca Hunter who was a loving mother that never stopped aiming toward self-improvement. The aim of this scholarship was to support a single parent as they pursue their education. Also check Isaac Yunhu Lee Memorial Arts Scholarship.


It takes dedication to pursue any kind of education, but to do so as a single parent is an even bigger challenge. 

Not only are these students responsible for their own educational journey, but they are also responsible for their children. They have to work to balance the duties of student and parent. Single parents have great strength and perseverance, and that is exemplified in those seeking to further their education. Rebecca Hunter was a loving mother who never stopped aiming toward self-improvement.

Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Single parents are eligible to apply if they are also current students. Preference will be given to those who have taken a non-traditional educational path.


Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship overview

This are the basic information about this scholarship.

Level:High school junior or senior
Minimum Age:None.
Required GPA:3.0.
Eligibility Country:United state,
Scholarship Deadline:Aug 1, 2024.

Requirements for Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Must be Undergraduate or trade school student
  • Have Boldest Bold.org Profile.
  • Single parents who are current students.
  • Show Dedication, Perseverance, Passion


Successful students will be awarded the sum $1,200.

5 Facts about this scholarship

  1. The scholarship is named after the resilient Rebecca Hunter, a loving single mother committed to continuous self-improvement.
  2. Priority is given to applicants who have taken a unique and non-traditional educational route.
  3. The scholarship is open to single parents from any country, embracing diversity and inclusivity.
  4. Beyond financial aid, the scholarship aims to empower single parents by recognizing their strength and determination.
  5. By applying, you carry forward the legacy of Rebecca Hunter, embodying the spirit of resilience and commitment to personal growth.

How to apply

To apply, write about how you work to set a good example for your children through your personal improvement and determination.


Submit your application via Bold.org.

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