SRA App Sales Ranking Assistant


SRA App Sales Ranking Assistant

In this internet age where fraudsters are everywhere looking for who to scam” that was the reaction of one of friend when i was telling him about SRA PAYING APP by SRA Group Sales Ranking Assistant. So with this mindset infested on people, i have decided to explain certain things about this platform an why one should not be afraid to invest his or her money it.

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What is SRA app?

SRA stands for Sale ranking assistance: SRA is an eCommerce sales assistance agency that specializes in providing services to online retail stores. The services they provide includes marketing, simplified shop templates for ease of access for beginners. Therefore SRA app in partnership with Amazon help make this process simple.

SRA PAYING APP is an online market place created in 2011 to level the playing field for online retailers and thigs simple for all e-commerce business owners.

Why invest Sra?

Other factors that has made SRA stand out as the best platform are as follows below:-

1) No higher commission orders
2) Profits are paid instantly
3) Registration of people is acceptable from any country in the world
4) The SRA job is easy to understand
5) Members are being attended to, one after the other, to resolve their issues
6) There are Bonus events to encourage members work harder


How does SRA make money?

Sra leverage the process of investment and networks marketing to expose hidden ecommerce shop for proper sales an brand awareness. They allow members to earn rewards by inviting family members to join, provide unique invitation code for others and receive additional bonus.

Incentivized Referral Program:

SRA uses the pattern of referral program to maximize sales for e-commerce shops an members are earning massively for partnering with them. Here are their earning patterns and plans:

🎁Invitation activities 18%

⏰Ending time: 24:00 on September 15th

οΌ„100 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„18 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„14

οΌ„200 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„36 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„28

οΌ„500 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„90 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„70

οΌ„1000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„180 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„140

οΌ„2000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„360 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„280

οΌ„5000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„900 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„700

οΌ„8000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„1440 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„1120

οΌ„15000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„2700 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„2100

οΌ„30000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„5400 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„4200

οΌ„50000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„9000 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„7000

οΌ„100000 πŸ‘‰A=οΌ„18000 πŸ‘‰B=οΌ„14000:


Making money with Sra app is the simplest way i myself have cash out this 2023. I will guild us throughout the process from registration to funding your account through Binance app.

Ways to make money with Sra.

  • Daily grabbing
  • Invitation Bonus
  • Downlines increase bonus
  • Booim app daily posting
  • Annual team bonus
  • Wealth Management Function

How to join SRA:

Step by step on how to join Sra and start making money:

If you have been hearing about SRA platform and you are wondering how to join and start making money on daily basis, Here is how!

  1. Register on SRA platform (With my registration link, i will assist you until you get it right)
  2. Download the app, (though can still continue with the web version if you like)
  3. Download and register on Binnance app.

Now that you have registered downloaded the Sra app, the nest step is

How to fund your account

How do I Fund my SRA?

How To Withdraw from Binance To Funds SRA
1). Open the SRA App

2) Click on Deposit
3) Click on Next Step
4) Enter the amount of the deposit
I) Then click on Go Pay
ii) Wait, to obtain a deposit wallet address

iii) After obtaining the deposit wallet address
iv) Click on the Copy address
v) Minimize the SRA App

Head Binance app:

5) Open the Binance App
6) Click on the wallet at the right bottom πŸ‘‰ end

7) Click on Funding or Spot depending on where the Dollar dropped.
8) Click on Withdraw.
9) Search USDT and click on it.
10) Click on Send Via Crypto Network.

Long press to Paste the deposit wallet address SRA
ii) Network
Search for Tron(TRC20) by scrolling down to select
iii) Amount
Click on MAX, the dollar pop-up
iv) Send From
Select a wallet Either Funding or Spot depending on where the Dollar dropped
11) Click on withdrawal
12) Get verification Code to Approved withdrawal

Note: You need to have Usdt equivalent to the amount to fund on Sra.

And here is how to fund your USDT on Binance:

  • Open your binance wallet
  • Click on wallet
  • Click on funding.
  • Displayed beneath your funding,
  • You’ll see P2P
  • Look out for the vendor that will release the amount of USDT you want to buy.
  • When find one, read the vendor Ad careful.
  • Input the amount of USDT you want, the equivalent in your country currency(my is Naira) will pop up.
  • Copy the vendors bank details,
  • Minimize your binance
  • Proceed to your bank app and make payments.
  • After completing the payment.
  • Come back to binance and click notify vendor.
  • Wait for the vendors confirmation before he release the USDT to your wallet.
  • Hope this is helpful?

If your need assistance join our watsapp group here

Call +2347033625106 for assistance.

How to sell your USDT on Binance


1) Click on home(at the bottom left)
2) Click on P2P
3) Click on Sell
4) Click on Amount ( Then, input the amount in the in your country currency, (my is naira) that is equivalent to the amount of USDT that you want to sell and click confirm).
5) Click on Payment method
6) Click on Bank transfer
7) Click on Filter(To see buyers that are within the range of the usdt that you want to sell)
8) Click on Sell ( beside the Merchant/buyer of your choice)
9) Input the amount of USDT that you want to sell(make sure that the highlight is on CRYPTO not fiat)
10) Click on Payment method
11) Click on Add Bank transfer
12a) Click on your Account [If you already have but if you don’t, do not worry. Go to step(12b)]
12b) Input your account number and Bank name in the appropriate places/spaces provided.
13) Click on it(your account) to appear in (10)
14) Finally , click on Sell with 0 fee.(And wait for the payment to be made)

How to do daily mandatory tasks on SRA app

Once you have funded your Sra account and you can see your asset as shown below

sra app

What you need to do now is to click on the level you have activated ( Me i am using the basis level which start from $100 )

Once you click on it another page will popup, an you will see the grab button click on it and continue untill you reach the maximum grab for the day.

Sra grab

Sales ranking assistance video

Watch video bellow


Sra platform has blot financial fortune to many families and individuals across the globe, Only this year 2023 a lot of business has benefited from this great platform. Those who started earlier are now houses and landed properties and members keep increasing every minutes and hour. Those who are asking whether is a scam, should sumourn courage and give it a try, the best part of it is that you can withdrawal you money anytime you like.


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