US Government Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program 2024-2025

The Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP) spans three weeks within the United States, catering to high school students and adult mentors. It focuses on pivotal themes such as civic education, entrepreneurship, community service, and nurturing youth leadership.


Throughout the exchange, participants reside predominantly with host families. They immerse themselves in leadership workshops, civic education sessions, community service endeavors, visits to local schools and community entities, project ideation, and local cultural engagements alongside American peers. The culmination involves crafting action plans aimed at translating their exchange encounters into diverse community service initiatives upon their return home.

US Government Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program
US Government Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program

Program overview

Minimum Age:17 and above.
Required GPA:None.
Eligibility Country:All countries.
Gender:All genda.
Scholarship Deadline:January 5, 2024

Requirements for US Government Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program

To be eligible for participation, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold citizenship or legal residency specifically in South Africa (applicants with dual U.S. citizenship will not be considered).
  • Fall within the age bracket of 15 to 18 years old by [April 6, 2024], with the capacity to attend at least one additional semester of high school within their home community.
  • Possess proficiency either in English (for the Anglophone program) or in French (for the Francophone program).
  • Showcase strong academic performance, a keen interest in community service and volunteerism, evident leadership potential, effective communication skills, and a positive demeanor.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate within a team environment and value the perspectives of others.
  • Obtain explicit permission from parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to partake in the program.


PAYLP offers:

  • Interactive leadership trainings
  • Conflict resolution seminars
  • Social entrepreneurship classes
  • Community service opportunities
  • Two weeks of homestay with American host families
  • An overview of U.S history and institutions
  • Exciting cultural activities
  • A lifelong PAYLP alumni network

5 Facts About US Government Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program

  1. Three-week jam in the US for African high schoolers and mentors.
  2. It’s all about leadership, service, entrepreneurship, and fun!
  3. Stay with cool host families and mix with American peers.
  4. Craft action plans for community projects back home.
  5. Get covered for all expenses during the program!

How to apply

Interested and qualified? Go to United States Department of State (DOS) on drive.google.com to apply

  • Applications should be submitted to: [YoungAfricanLeadersSA@state.gov]
  • Questions should be addressed to: [YoungAfricanLeadersSA@state.gov]

For more details, visit MERIDIAN website

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